In a Michigan Court of Appeals decision released on March 18, 2014, the court ruled that a mortgage foreclosure purchaser's obligation for unpaid condominium assessments begins when they acquire the Sheriff's Deed to the condominium unit.

The case involved a dispute between Wells Fargo Bank and a condominium association as to when the bank, which was the purchaser of a condominium unit at its own mortgage foreclosure sale, began to be responsible for the payment of condominium assessments. The bank took the position that it's responsibility began at the close of the redemption period (typically six months later), and not before.  The Michigan Court of Appeals rejected that position, however, and there is now a published court decision in the State of Michigan which supports the long-espoused view of many Michigan condominium association lawyers that the purchaser at a mortgage foreclosure sale must begin paying condominium assessments from the date of the sale forward.